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Arnold Walter

Arnold Maria Walter, OC, musicologist, educator, administrator (born 30 August 1902 in Hannsdorf (Hanušovice), Moravia; died 6 October 1973 in Toronto, ON).


Art Snider

Art (Arthur) Snider (b Sniderman). Pianist, arranger, record producer, b Ottawa 24 Aug 1926, d Toronto 26 May 1987. He studied arranging with Benny Louis and harmony with Philip Podoliak. In his teens he played piano in Toronto dance bands and in 1946 he began coaching pop performers.


Arthur Lavigne

Lavigne, (Tessier dit Lavigne), (Jean Moïse) Arthur. Violinist, publisher, music dealer, critic, teacher, administrator, b Montreal 8 Feb 1845, d Quebec City 11 Jan 1925; honorary D MUS (Laval) 1922. The brother of Ernest and Émery, he began violin studies in 1853 with J.


Augustin Lavallée

(Jean-Baptiste André) Augustin Lavallée, (Pâquet dit Lavallée). Luthier, bandmaster, teacher, music dealer, b Verchères, Lower Canada (Quebec), 1816, d Montreal 15 Feb 1903.


Augustus Vogt

Augustus Stephen Vogt, choral conductor, educator, administrator, organist, pianist (born 14 August 1861 in Washington, Canada West; died 17 September 1926 in Toronto, ON).


Austin Clarkson

(George) Austin (Elliott) Clarkson. Musicologist, administrator, b London 9 Aug 1932, naturalized Canadian 1940; BA science (Toronto) 1953, MA (ESM Rochester) 1955, PH D (Columbia) 1970.


Bailey Bird

(William Thomas) Bailey Bird. Administrator, publisher, b Belgaum, India, 17 Mar 1917; d Bowmanville, Ont, 10 Nov 1992. A violin pupil of Elie Spivak in Toronto, he was a founder in 1936 of the Aeolian Trio in Stratford. He joined Gordon V. Thompson Ltd in 1937 and became general manager in 1946.


Ben Mink

Ben (Benjamin) Mink. Producer, songwriter, violinist, mandolinist, guitarist, composer, b Detroit, of Polish parents, 22 Jan 1951, naturalized Canadian 1967. Ben Mink was raised in Cleveland and taken at age 11 to Toronto.


Bob Rock

Robert Jens Rock, record producer, engineer, guitarist, songwriter (born 19 April 1954 in Winnipeg, MB). Bob Rock started out as a recording engineer and enjoyed some success as a core member of the punk/new wave/pop band Payola$ before going on to produce top-selling albums by such artists as The Cult, Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan, Michael Bublé and many others.


Boris Brott

Conductor, violinist, producer, b Montreal 14 Mar 1944; première prix (CMM), honorary LLD (McMaster) 1988.


Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen. Manager, b Vancouver 19 May 1945. A major figure in the Canadian rock music industry, he began his career as a booking agent in Vancouver, establishing Bruce Allen Talent Promotions in 1972 and managing BTO 1973-8 (and again when the band reformed in 1988).


CBC President Manera Resigns

At 3 p.m. on Feb. 27, only 90 minutes before the federal budget was tabled in the House of Commons, CBC president Anthony Manera was handed a single sheet of paper that made him do a double take. In three neat columns, figures spelled out the bleak financial future of the Crown corporation.


CBC Radio Competitions

National competitions whose aim has been to identify, encourage and present Canadian talent through the medium of CBC radio, and to provide opportunities for career development through cash awards, performance, broadcasting and recording.